The 43° Sports: Heated Hockey Bag 

Snag the bag

Heat eliminates hockey smell

Never Air Out Your Gear Again

Premium Materials

Rely on our durable bag with 600D fabric, custom SBS waterproof zippers, and robust drag-and-drop guards for lasting, high-quality performance.

Sanitize & Dry

Effortlessly eliminate odors! Heats gear to 43°C, eradicating bacteria. Safe indoors, in hotels, or on the go for dry, odor-free pads.

Pregame Warmup

Transform your game! Arrive at the rink with warm, soft, dry gear – a game-changer for early mornings, cold rinks, or your favorite ODR.

Confidence & Convenience

Optimize your routine with XL mesh laundry bag and advanced heating tech. No more airing out gear – never forget essentials at home!

JOHN SCHIAVO - Pro Hockey: 3 Ice / SPHL: Huntsville Havoc - @jschiavo44 @bestshifthockey

“The 43° Sports heated hockey works better than I could have ever imagined.“

PETE KAMMAN - Executive Director: Montana Amateur Hockey Association - @elevatedhockey

"This bag is a must have for any travel hockey parent. Dry gear & no stink in the hotel room is a game changer!"

RYAN JACOBSON - Brown University 2012-2015 / USHL: Sioux Falls 2010-2011

"I wish I had this bag growing up, while playing in junior, and in college. Having dry gear at weekend tournaments with back-to-back games is life changing.”

Before / After

The old way of drying your gear and the new way




Heavy duty hand & shoulder Strap

Comfortable, sturdy, and the perfect length to carry by hand, or throw it over your shoulder to carry your gear to the locker room.

Soft PE Cotton Pad infused into bag lining

The integrated PE Cotton pad retains heat, prevents the equipment from overheating and offers protection against drops, impacts in car trunks, and general wear and tear.

No-Heat End Pocket #1

Safely store non-heatable items like tape, wax, pucks, and personal items in the bag's end pocket.

No-Heat End Pocket #2

Large enough to easily store the heat remote control for easy access and removal. Remote has 3 different heat settings so you can dial in your perfect preheat temperature.

Patented Heating Technology

Our patented 43° Sports custom heating element wraps around the 4 long sides of the bag creating a closed loop of heat to safely, effectively, and silently heat, sanitize, and dry your hockey equipment.