How it works


Years of rigorous testing and Improving

US Patent #11,771,191

Your 43° Sports bag employs the power of heat to combat harmful, odor-causing bacteria, mimicking the body's natural defense mechanism. Much like your body raises its temperature with a fever to fight off bacteria when you're sick, the bag's elevated temperature effectively eliminates these unwanted microbes from your gear. The intense heat ensures a thorough sanitization process, leaving your pads not only dry but also free from lingering odors, providing you with a fresh and hygienic sports equipment experience.

1-2 Hour Heat Cycle

PreGame Warmup - Dry Equipment

The preheat cycle warms skates, softens gloves, and gives gear a fresh feel. Stand out in the locker room with odorless, dry, and warm equipment, perfect for cold rinks, early mornings, and your favorite ODR.

In the initial 60 minutes, the 43° bag surpasses 100º F, hitting its max at 124.5°F in under 2 hours. For your preferred pregame warmth, switch it on 1-2 hours before leaving the rink.

Sanitize and Dry: 12 Hour Heat Cycle

Post Game - Wet Equipment

43 degree hockey bag open and showing the temperature

Leave your heated hockey bag on HOT for 8-14 hours to eliminate bacteria and odor from your pads, leaving them sanitized, dry, and odorless.

Drying time will depend on size of the equipment and how much the user sweats in them.

In 90 minutes, the bag exceeds 43°C (109°F), eliminating odor and harmful bacteria. It stabilizes to combat bacteria, remove sweat residue, and reduce "hockey smell." Cleaned air releases, allowing pads to breathe and dry. After 12 hours, humidity equalizes, completing the sanitization and drying cycle.

Example of A Late Night Mens League Game

4:00pm - Pregame Heat Cycle

The bag is turned to HOT, preheating your equipment in your garage, living room, or hotel room before being loaded into the car (with your XL mesh laundry bag) and taken to the rink.

7:30 - 11:30 pm

You arrive at the rink and get dressed with your warm, fresh, and odorless gear. After the skate, the bag is repacked and brought back home.

12:00a - Overnight

The XL mesh laundry bag is removed and placed into the washing machine. The bag is plugged back in and turned to HOT and left overnight for the Sanitize and Dry Cycle.

12:00a - Overnight

The next morning the gear is completely sanitized, dry, and odorless for you and the whole family!