43° Heated Hockey Bag

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Introducing the 43° Sports Heated Hockey Bag, a complete game changer in your hockey equipment care routine. This innovative bag goes beyond merely carrying your equipment; it actively sanitizes and dries your gear, ensuring a fresh and odor-free experience every time you hit the rink. With its cutting-edge technology, this bag harnesses the power of heat to eliminate harmful bacteria, remove sweat residue, and banish the notorious 'hockey smell.' From pre-game warmth to post-game freshness, our bag is your ultimate companion. Step onto the ice with confidence, knowing your gear is sanitized, dry, and ready for peak performance.

Safe for your gear and your nose to use outdoors, in your living room, garage, hotel room, or anywhere you can plug the bag in. Eliminate Hockey Smell and never air out your gear again. Just turn the bag on and let us do the dirty work for you.

43 degree hockey bag open and showing the temperature

Preheat. Dry. Sanatize.

JOHN SCHIAVO - Pro Hockey Player: 3 Ice & SPHL: Huntsville Havoc - @jschiavo44 @bestshifthockey

“Every hockey player should have it. “


Pregame Equipment Warm-Up

Show up to the rink with warm, dry, and clean gear. Never put on a pair of soaking wet and freezing cold skates, shins, or shoulder pads ever again. Look good, feel good, play good.

Bacteria and Odor Eliminating Sanitize & Dry Cycle

Eliminate odor causing bacteria leaving your pads dry, fresh, and clean for the next time you take the ice and for all of the time in-between.

XL Mesh Laundry Bag & Freshness cycle

Place your dirty "soft" clothing into the mesh laundry bag and place it directly into the washing machine.  When cleaned, place it back on top of your bag so you always have clean clothes and you never have to dig through your bag for a dirty sock ever again.

Add dryer sheets to your skates, gloves, and throughout the bag for added odor control and freshness. You cannot add too many.

43° Satisfaction gurarantee

Still on the fence? With our 43 Day Satisfaction Guarantee you can try our game changing technology at NO RISK to you. If you are not satisfied with the product, please reach out and we will provide a solution, or a refund, or whatever you need to make you another satisfied member of Team43.

Confidence & Convenience

No more airing out gear – never remove your equipment from your bag so you never forget a vital piece of equipment at home ever again.

Other Features

- 2 Non-Heated End Pockets
- Bag Tag Identification Window
- High Quality Stitching and Zippers
- Soft Pad Infused into Bag Lining
- Wall Outlet Plug
- 120 Volt Keychain
- Drag and Drop Guards
- High Weight Capacity Handles
- Heavy Duty Hand & Shoulder Strap
- Remote Control for Heat


- 600D high-strength fiber woven fabric
- Customized SBS waterproof zipper
- Patented 43° Sports hockey bag heating element


43 Degree Sports LLC offers a 1-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. Keep a copy of your purchase receipt as proof of purchase. Our product’s warranty is limited only to the 43 Heated Hockey Bag itself when used normally in accordance with the operating instructions and the system environment.


- Dimensions: 35”L x 18”H x 17”W
- Color: Black
- Weight: 12 Lbs

Never Air Out Your Gear Again!